When selling your home, you dream of collecting the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time. In order to achieve that dream, your property needs to appeal to a buyer so that they can see themselves in your home.

Today’s buyers are busier than ever.  Addressing any maintenance prior to listing your home will show buyers your house is in move-in ready condition.  And consequently, buyers will also pay more for a move-in ready house.

home-1-1Did You Know?

You only have 3 seconds to grab a buyers’ attention with an online listing.

90% of buyers will preview the property online prior to a visit. Professional home staging services ensures your property is looking its very best for the photography for your online listing.


They Look Online First:

Percentage of Buyers that Shop Online - 90%

Home Staging can mean the difference between a sold or an expired listing. Staging often brings a higher price for the home; some stagers estimate sellers make 10% more when the home is staged. 

It doesn’t cost to stage - it pays.


Staging is about securing the equity of your home. You house is arguably the largest investment you will ever make. Take care for your investment and collaborate with a professional home staging service at All Stages Interiors.

With All Stages Interiors, Cambridge Home Staging services, we offer full-service home staging services. Meaning every detail is addressed in order to recommend the most appropriate look. This includes selecting all furniture and accessories to installing the items in your home. When All Stages Interiors is done with your home, it is ready to sell! And when buyers walk into your home, they’re ready to buy!


 Did You Know?

Buyers will stay in a vacant home on the average of 5 minutes but linger in a furnished home on the average of 40 minutes.

The Process


1)   Step 1: The Staging Consultation

With All Stages Interiors, you will receive a detailed guide to successful steps in staging your home, specific to each room. When you meet with professional, Cara Janson, she will walk through your home and together, you will discuss the opportunity to set your home apart from the others with a strategic action plan.

2)   Step 2: Action Plan

After you have receive the package from Cara, you can prioritize your next steps based on your budget and a professional’s suggestions.
All Stages Interiors can recommend discounted trade services for your staging needs.

Note: All Stages Interiors do not receive a commission based off that referral.

3)   Step 3: Home Staging

With all of the decisions finalized, All Stages Interiors will transform your home bringing in all necessary support and staging items. The time needed for this step is dependent on the extent of work but listing deadlines are prioritized.

What is Home Staging?

Professional Home Staging with All Stages Interiors is a way to strategically increase the property value/selling price, gain a competitive advantage over similar listings, and sell someone to their future home!

Home Staging spotlights your home’s best features and ensures that any problem areas are not a point of emphasis.

Home Staging creates a balance of function, flow and beautiful visual displays that creates an emotional connection within buyers when they view your property.


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